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This website is dedicated to promoting and selling artwork that required meticulous effort to complete.   This extra effort by the artist usually translates to better artwork and more enjoyment by the viewers.  So that is the main reason this website is focusing on just this kind of art. 

At this point, there are two artists showcased at this website; myself, Ken Costello, and Egan Ulbricht.  We hope to add others that fit this definition.  Contact me at the below email if you think your art could also be classified as "meticulous art."

Egan by steel artEgan portrait Egan Ulbricht:  Egan epitomizes the tireless artist that loves doing detailed sketching.  Some of his artwork showcased here took a few months to complete.  Egan's art is not just pen and ink but includes mixed media such as ink and watercolor.  
Ken portraitKen by olympic circlesKen on bridge Ken Costello:  My specialty is doing panoramic landscapes by taking dozens or even hundreds of photos and stitching together the best shots.  This also involves meticulous digital cutting and pasting to get the best composition.  Some finished panoramas can take a month of more to complete.  So it's not like a quick click of the camera and it's done.   

Example of Meticulous Art
"Life Unwasted" by Egan Ulbricht
Close up showing detail.
Choose the part of the image you want to see a closeup. Butterfly Child's face Ship Man on stump Boy on limb Man's face

On the right is a good example of meticulous art.  This ink and watercolor painting was done by artist Egan Ulbricht.    The left image shows the 30"x40" sketch reduced to 512x682 pixels (scanned at 11,000 by 15,000 pixels).  The right image shows the detail in the artwork with the man's face as an example.  Click the radio buttons above to see more closeups. 

There is an average of about 200 ink strokes for every square inch of the image. The original is 30" x 40", so that's almost a quarter of a million strokes.  That doesn't even count the strokes with a watercolor brush.  So you can see this kind of artwork is quite meticulous.

By the way this sketching has a companion sketch titled "Wasted Life".  It's showcased in Egan's gallery.  


Productive Life 512 pixels
Man's Face

Panoramic Example of Meticulous Art: Below is a 360 degree view of Vancouver at sundown.   The photos were taken from the Lookout Tower in downtown Vancouver.   I stitched together 69 high resolution digital photos to create the initial panorama.  About 60 more photos were used to clean up stitching errors.   Notice that labels were placed on many of the buildings and points of interest.  Click the radio buttons below to see details of the finished panorama. 
Moon Dominion Bldg BC Place Canada Post Scotia Towers Shangri-La Tower Food Court Bridge Cruise Ship Grouse Mtn
Moon and Mountain

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